Dukerslock System and Stitching


Over 60 years ago the American oil industry developed a method of cold casting repair, utilising the now well known metal stitching key and stud. This method allowed repairs to be undertaken on sophisticated machinery 'in situ' without the use of flame welding.

After the second world war this process came into it's own and was widely used within the industry. A series of companies sprang up offering their service as cold casting repairers, specializing in the repair of machinery which often would have been useless due to the lack of spare parts.

Many of these companies still exist today, however, we at Dukerswell Engineers have taken one further important step in the cold casting repair industry. We are now allowing you the opportunity of repairing your own castings with our own fully comprehensive repair kit, step by step instruction manual, and your own maintenance or plant engineers.

The complete kit comprises of over 80 high quality tools and equipment, some of which are shown in this picture.



The true advantages of the Dukerslock System

  • By using our kit and your own maintenance/plant engineers you will gain total independence from cold casting repair companies.
  • Free from obtaining time wasting quotations, repairs can be undertaken at your convenience (and not theirs).
  • Repairs can be commenced immediately, especially important when the fracture occurs on board ship, whilst at sea.
  • The complete kit can be easily stored and is upplied in it's own rugged metal box.
  • The only power required to operate the tools within the kit is an air supply of 12 cfm at 100 p.s.i.
  • The kit includes a step by step instruction manual complete with illustrated drawings
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